I started my career in 1977 in the British Military, having spent 5 years serving my country I left and entered civilian life as a sales person working in the electrical appliance industry. In 1989 I moved into the Toy industry.

I worked with many of the major brands at the time and experienced the world of licensed product. In 1995 I was working with US companies establishing distribution in Europe. The Internet was young and I saw the potential of this new medium. In 1997 I co-founded the largest Internet and interactive-television based toy retailing proposition in Europe (direct competitor to eToys.com) with Matthew Freud, Sir Tom Hunter and Chris Gorman OBE.

Since then I have been involved in various companies primarily with an Internet focus. With my knowledge and experience I am available to help other entrepreneurs develop their ideas and dreams.

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‚ÄčPeter Norris